Sports betting in Arkansas has been legal since November 2018. However, online sports betting in Arkansas was recently launched at the beginning of 2022. Therefore, quite a number of sportsbooks in Arkansas offer free bets. Some popular sportsbooks that offer free bets in Arkansas are Betly and BetSaracen.

Betting sites offer free bets for various reasons such as attracting new users and encouraging existing ones. Hence, there are several types of free bets available in Arkansas. Examples include risk-free bets, matched free bets, and no deposit free bets among others.

How does a free bet work on Arkansas sportsbooks?

A free bet is a wager that you can make without using any money. Some online sports betting sites in Arkansas offer free bets to encourage new users to sign up. In most cases, you can choose the type of sport or game to place your wager on. Therefore, free bets usually work the same as real money wagers.

To get a free bet on an Arkansas sportsbook, review the list of online sports betting sites that offer free bets to their customers. Most sportsbooks require you to register as a new member before you can qualify for the free bets. When you successfully create a sportsbook account, you can claim the free bets.

While some betting sites will offer you a free bet after signing up, others will require you to deposit some cash and place your first cash wager. If you lose, some Arkansas sportsbooks give you a free bet equal to the amount of your first cash wager.

Furthermore, free bets are usually valid for 7 days, after which the AR sportsbook forfeits the free bet amount. Sometimes you can withdraw the winnings straight away. However, free bets can also be subject to wagering requirements. Sportsbooks with minimum wagering requirements are more popular. Where there are wagering requirements, you may need to make a few more bets with the winnings before making a cash-out.

Your sportsbook account gets credited winnings when you win, as the case would be for real money bets. Also, any returns or winnings are not inclusive of the free bet stake. The terms and conditions for the free bets differ based on the sportsbook. It is important to check the terms of any offer as a precaution.

Different types of free bets

There are several types of bets that you can find on an online sportsbook in Arkansas. Some may be more attractive than others, so be sure to know their features. Also, some sportsbooks will usually offer a combination of the free bet types in Arkansas. You can have more than one free bet on offer.

These bets are available to both new and existing users. However, most sportsbooks in Arkansas are offering these options to new users. It is important to note that as an existing user you can get these free bets on offer in various sports and events. Some online gambling sites in AR may require you to use a promo code to redeem the free bet.

  • Risk-free bet – As the name suggests this type of free bet does not involve any risks. This is because when your bet loses, the betting site gives you your money back. Betting sites ensure you do not incur losses on this bet. On the other hand, if your bet is successful, you get to keep your winnings. Since they are risk-free bets, betting sites tend to keep the wagering requirements to a minimum.
  • No deposit free bet – A no deposit bonus does not require you to make a cash deposit to get the free bet. This is available to new users when they sign up for a sportsbook account. They are usually small, but they encourage new users to join the sports betting site.
  • Free bet with stake not returned – They are in some instances referred to as SNR free bets. When you place a normal bet, you risk a certain stake in order to get some gains. If your bet wins then you will get your stake times the number of odds. Therefore, with SNR-free bets, you place a bet without risking your own money. Online sports betting sites tend to limit the stake that you can place on these bets. Most of the time you can use the bet on the odds of your choice. If you win, you will also cash out the stake offered by the sportsbook. To get this bet, most sites will require you to get a qualifying bet. You can find the requirements in the terms of conditions of the free bets by the sportsbook. In most cases, the maximum stake is equal to the free bet’s amount.
  • Matched free bet – This refers to cases where the betting site matches the amount you wager in your first bet. They give you credit to use on a future bet. This means that your wager amount doubles, and you can use the doubled amount on another bet. There are instances where you can be eligible for SNR free bets without losing your first bet. This is through matched free bets. Here you will have to accumulate as much profit as you can. You will have to maximize the profits from SNR-free bets.
  • Free bet on the first deposit – There are some free bets in Arkansas where sportsbooks will require you to make a deposit before you can claim the free bets. These free bets are usually available to new users after signing up. The required deposit amount is usually a reasonable amount.
  • Stake returned as a free bet – This type of bet means that if your free bet wins then the returns will be inclusive of the free stake. The site will return your stake as a free bet that you can use to place another bet.
  • Qualifying free bet – This bet applies where a sportsbook user receives a free bet for following a certain procedure. The user may either place bets for certain events or sports, place a certain number of bets, or bet a certain amount within a specific period. Like other free bet types, it targets both new and existing bettors. These bets rely on the outcome of an event or a specific action. An example of a qualifying free bet is if users place bets on a certain player scoring, and he does not. In this case, the betting sites award you a free bet.

How to claim a free bet on AR sportsbooks

Arkansas sportsbooks have varying terms and requirements when claiming a free bet. There are instances where you will need to enter a promo code. In other instances, you will need to make a deposit after signing up for the sportsbook. You can claim your bonus in three easy steps as described below:

  1. Choose a free bet from our list: There are various types of free bets, and you should choose the one that best fits your preferences. Review the terms and conditions of the free bet to be sure of your choice. Some sportsbooks have strict requirements compared to other sites in Arkansas.
  2. Sign up for Arkansas sportsbooks: since the legalization of sports betting sites in Arkansas there are several options to choose from. Register with the site that offers the free bet that you want.
  3. Claim the free bet and bet on your favorite sport: you can do this by either entering the promo code or by a click of a button on the betting site. Some free bets will redeem automatically after signing up. However, if a deposit is a requirement, click on the deposit button on the site and make the required deposit. Then place your bet on the sports of your choice.

Pros and cons of free betting on sportsbooks in Arkansas

Bookmakers in Arkansas rely on free bets to attract new users. Each sportsbook has its own terms and conditions for free bets. Free bets are popular because they are risk-free, and they help new users gain experience before they can bet on real money. However, there are also downsides to free betting. You can find the various pros and cons of free bets below:


  • You get better odds overall
  • Your risk of losing money is less


  • Free bets are rarely high amounts
  • They expire pretty quickly.


Do all AR sportsbooks have free bets?

No, some sportsbooks do not offer free bets but most of them have at least one type of free bet on offer.

Is it required to make a deposit to receive free bets on Arkansas betting sites?

No, only some options such as the free bet on the first deposit require you to make a deposit before claiming the bet. Also, there are instances where the sportsbook may require you to place a cash wager or place a certain amount of bets before you can claim the free bets. An example is a qualifying bet. Some free bets in Arkansas sports betting sites are also no deposit free bets.

Can I withdraw what I won from a free bet on a sportsbook in Arkansas?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings after meeting the free bet wagering requirements, if there are any.