Since spring 2022, online gambling is available in Arkansas. Prior to this, the only online options available to residents were offshore gambling sites, which are not technically legal since the 2019 legislation changes.

With the legalization of online gambling in the state, there is now a safe and regulated way for residents to get some skin in the game from the comfort of their own homes. A relatively small selection of online gambling sites is currently available in Arkansas. More sites are looking to move into the space as and when they can gain state approval.

Best online gambling sites in Arkansas

DraftKings Arkansas Best gambling site for beginners
FanDuel Arkansas Best gambling site for Daily Fantasy Sports
PointsBet Arkansas Best gambling site for NHL betting
BetRivers Arkansas Best gambling site for MLS betting

There is a small but growing number of online gambling sites legally providing sports betting in Arkansas. Each of the physical gambling sites has its own online arm and there are now also other providers gaining their licenses and beginning to offer services.

  • Betly Arkansas: With its strong betting platform and range of sports, Betly stands out from the crowd. Where it really excels is the bonuses on offer, particularly the sign-up offer.
  • BetSaracen Arkansas: BetSaracen is great for those looking for a wide range of sports to choose from. Within each sport, there are a number of leagues and events from around the world.
  • DraftKings Arkansas: Originally a fantasy sportsbook, DraftKings quickly branched out to offer sports when sports betting become legal. The site has over 20 different sports available and a great selection of different match deposit bonuses.
  • FanDuel Arkansas: Similar to DraftKings, FanDuel was originally a DFS site. It’s now got a strong selection of sports and good bonuses. However, it’s the layout and design of the site that sets it apart. FanDuel is an excellent option for new players as it’s all easy to navigate.
  • BetRivers Arkansas: Popular in a range of different states, BetRivers has a great sports betting platform. There are over 20 sports on offer including a wide array of international and domestic leagues and events. It’s got a strong mobile platform for betting on the go.
  • PointsBet Arkansas: PointsBet is all about offering betting extras. It is excellent for live betting allowing you to place bets in real-time. Additionally, you can make use of the Name your Bet feature.

How to sign up for an online gambling site in Arkansas

While the laws are strict, the process for gambling online in Arkansas is very similar to that in other states. To ensure you stay safe and have the best possible experience, you should follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Pick an online gambling site in AR from our list. To make your life as easy as possible, we have compiled a list of the best online sites for you (see above). This comes from our own extensive research and knowledge of the state’s laws, as well as what each site has to offer, to make sure there’s something for everyone.
  2. Open an account. Once you’ve found a site that provides what you need, it’s time to open up an account. The process is slightly different on each website, but they are all intuitive and make it as simple as possible. Generally, start by clicking on “Register”, and then follow the instructions on the screen. Reach out to the site’s support team if you have any issues.
  3. Deposit funds using your chosen payment method. In order to start gambling, you will need to fund your account. This is a simple process, and most sites offer at least a couple of different payment methods, so choose whichever you prefer, follow the instructions, deposit, and get started.
  4. Begin gambling online. That’s it! You are now all ready to start gambling. Return to your chosen site’s homepage, and you will see the range of games and sports available across the top or down the side of the page. Go ahead and choose the game you want and follow the instructions to place your bet. If you have any questions, every site has a FAQ section as well as a dedicated support team who will be happy to help you out if need be.

Forms of online gambling not allowed in AR

As mentioned, while sports betting apps in Arkansas are legal, certain games are still restricted or totally prohibited in the state. For this reason, it is highly recommended to only use a reputable and licensed gambling site in AR.

This ensures that you remain on the right side of the law, as they only provide access to those games and sports which are legal in the state. Two forms of gambling that are not currently allowed online in the state of Arkansas are:

  • Online casinos: Currently, real money casinos are not allowed online in Arkansas. In their place, there are social casinos that are legal due to the fact that they are free to play. Players receive a number of free tokens when they first register, which they can then use to play the games.
  • Online poker: While you can play in person at licensed casino premises, poker remains illegal to play online in Arkansas. This may be due to the fact that it has the same rules as in-person poker, but the nature of the game is somewhat different online. Players online do not know each other and are unable to see each other online, for example.

Yes, Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is legal in Arkansas. DFS is an accelerated form of more traditional fantasy sports, played over short time periods such as a day or week, and Arkansas legalized it following a change of legislation in 2017.

At the time, this put Arkansas among just nine states across the country to allow these paid contests. This is somewhat surprising, given the state’s strict laws on other forms of gambling. It gets around these rules as Arkansas state law does not regard it as gambling per se. The rules are less clear in other states, but in AR, licensed online DFS sites are legally allowed to operate throughout the state.

Where can you gamble in person in AR?

Before online gambling in Arkansas was finally allowed to begin in 2022, it was only permitted on licensed physical premises. Although this has now changed, physical casinos and racetracks remain highly popular among people wishing to go and experience the unique atmosphere of in-person games and gambling for themselves.

While the three licensed facilities offer many of the same basic games and sports, they each have a slightly different offering and feel.

  • Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. Located moments away from the beautiful national park in Hot Springs, AR, Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort has been home to a premier thoroughbred horse racing track for almost 120 years. The resort spent $100 million on a huge renovation and expansion project in 2021, significantly raising its exquisite standards of luxury. Alongside the racing, they also offer a state-of-the-art casino with many games and slots, as well as a wide range of sports betting and entertainment. If you want to have a break or prolong your stay, there is also a luxury hotel and spa, along with myriad restaurants and bars.
  • Southland Casino Hotel. Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Southland Casino Racing provides an 80,000-square-foot gaming floor in the Mid-South region. They also offer many live games such as Blackjack and Roulette for those seeking a more hands-on experience. In addition, they have one of the highest-rated greyhound racing programs in the country with live races five days a week. Simulcasting technology means they can provide wagering every single day of the year apart from Christmas and Easter. There is also a hotel on the premises as well as multiple dining options to suit virtually any taste.
  • Saracen Casino Resort. Located in Pine Bluff, Saracen is Arkansas’ first and only standalone casino. You can find over 1900 slot machines on the large gaming floor, along with almost 40 table games and a dedicated poker room. There are multiple different restaurants and bars providing sustenance between games. Daily specials, as well as monthly giveaways and unique events, provide further entertainment for those looking for something a little different.

Is it safe to use offshore gambling sites in AR?

No, it is not safe to use offshore gambling sites in Arkansas. Up until very recently, online gambling in Arkansas was completely prohibited. Even now, there are many rules and restrictions and, as a result, it can seem tempting to use offshore sites. Their promise of competitive odds and a greater variety of sports and wagers can look promising, but it is not all that it seems.

You run the risk of falling foul of regulatory and licensing issues as the state has not condoned these sites. Additionally, while you are protected on many legal levels when using officially state-licensed and approved casinos and websites, that is not the case for offshore gambling sites.

Should the operator shut down or run into difficulties, you are exposing yourself to a significantly higher risk of losing everything. Using offshore gambling sites in Arkansas can also expose you to funding restrictions on your account. The state frowns upon residents using sites outside their jurisdiction. As a result, you could find your normal funding methods blocked if you try to circumvent the rules.

State licensing also protect you from rogue operators as you know everything is legal and above board. If something goes wrong, you can expect legal support that you won’t find when using offshore sites. Far too many people find out too late that offshore gambling sites do not offer the support of fully licensed and legal sites. The victims have a problem, go to make a complaint, but then find out that these sites don’t provide assistance or sometimes do not even reply. They also then learn the hard way that the state and federal laws no longer protect them.

The timeline of gambling in Arkansas

Gambling in Arkansas has evolved through some significant changes of substance and image over the past 150 or more years. From being a legal and highly popular activity, it was later banned completely.

Following that ruling, it gained infamy as an underground activity as people found their way around the rules. More recently, gambling has slowly picked up again under strict regulations and laws as the state has relaxed or removed the previous bans.

  • 1880s. Way back in the late 1800s, Arkansas, like much of the USA, began introducing a raft of laws completely prohibiting gambling in the state. In response, illegal gambling activities started up in Hot Springs, which became an infamous illicit gambling destination.
  • 1967. New federal laws effectively wiped out the underground gambling center in Hot Springs, which had grown to be one of the biggest destinations for illegal gambling in the entire country.
  • 2005. Two racing tracks, Oaklawn and Southland Park, were permitted to become “racinos” to combat falling revenues. These locations were able to start providing a select range of traditional casino games and slots alongside their racing fixtures.
  • 2007. The state finally legalized charitable bingo and raffles (many other states had done so years or even decades earlier).
  • 2009. Arkansas set up its first state lottery and sold its first ticket, again being one of the last states in the country to do so. This state lottery has been highly successful, raising millions for charities across the state since its inception.
  • 2017. AR lawmakers approved Daily Fantasy Sports legislation. In deciding it is not technically gambling, they allowed would-be players to access the games online.
  • 2018. State seniors discussed sports betting for the first time. Authorities considered plans for sports books at racing events. A ballot came out in favor of authorizing two new facilities and expanding two existing racetracks, along with sports betting at licensed sites.
  • 2019. Arkansas began construction on its first standalone casino and took its first in-person sports bet, marking a significant step forwards in gambling freedom in the state.
  • 2022. Lawmakers voted to allow legal online sportsbooks in Arkansas (until this time, gamblers wanting to bet legally on sports had to go in person to the licensed gambling sites).


What is the minimum age to gamble online in Arkansas?

21 is the minimum legal age to place a bet in Arkansas. This is the same minimum age as physical casinos. From the age of 18, you can access bingo and lottery, as well as betting on horse and dog racing. The state does not technically regard Daily Fantasy Sports as gambling, so as a result, there is no minimum age.

Is online gambling safe in AR?

Yes, online gambling is safe in Arkansas. Gambling in itself carries inherent risks, which everyone should consider before taking part. However, thanks to the extensive regulation in Arkansas, you can be sure that the industry itself is as safe as possible. The physical premises where you can gamble in person can only continue operating under the strictest laws, and the same goes for online gambling sites.

Does Arkansas allow gambling on golf?

You can gamble on golf in Arkansas, both offline and online. As long as you are using a legal and licensed physical site or online gambling site, you can bet on any of the sports they offer. The trustworthy websites we recommend above offer the widest possible range of sports you can find in AR. Simply click on the site and scroll through the available sports until you find the golf section.