Regarding sports betting in the US, few states can boast as much success as Arkansas betting sites. With the rapid growth of online sports betting in the state, there are more ways to bet and transact on your favorite teams. MasterCard is one of Arkansas’s most popular payment methods for online betting sites.

Besides, MasterCard offers a wide variety of betting options, including live betting. Thus, it is one of the most reliable and convenient ways to transact online sportsbooks. Read this guide to learn more about MasterCard betting sites in Arkansas, including its benefits and how to deposit and withdraw using it.

About MasterCard

As a financial service, MasterCard is an electronic payment card that allows people and organizations to transact worldwide. The company began in 1966 as Interbank Card Association before rebranding to MasterCard in 1978.

It started as an alternative to the existing credit card system for clients. The company has grown immensely, becoming one of the most popular methods for online transactions. MasterCard works by providing a credit or debit card to make purchases anywhere it is accepted. The company offers several benefits for cardholders. For instance, consumers get to enjoy its convenience in transactions, including global acceptance.

Also, MasterCard has advanced security features to protect customers’ information. In addition, the company offers various rewards programs, which allow you to earn points for every purchase. You can even redeem your points for merchandise, travel, or cash back. These reasons make it popular at Arkansas betting sites.

How do I deposit on Arkansas betting sites using MasterCard?

It’s easy to create an account, deposit funds, and wager immediately on Arkansas sportsbooks. Transacting on MasterCard betting sites in Arkansas takes a few minutes, and you can wager in no time.

Below are the easy-to-follow steps.

1. Sign up on a betting site in Arkansas that accepts MasterCard.

The first step is to search for a reputable and licensed sportsbook in Arkansas that accepts MasterCard to sign up for an account. Always register on legal betting sites. It is vital to avoid offshore websites since they can be unsafe. Our website lists several vetted MasterCard sportsbooks which you can choose to ease your research efforts.

After selecting your preferred sportsbook from our website list, the next step is to create an account. Many sportsbooks may request basic details, such as your name, age/date of birth, email, phone number, and the last digits of your SSN.

After confirming and submitting your details, you will receive a confirmation link to your email. Verify your betting site account using the link and complete the sign up process.

2. Open an account and select MasterCard as your deposit method.

Once you open an account in the previous step, log in and go to the cashier or deposit section. Next, from the list of payment methods, scroll until you find MasterCard and select it.

3. Input your MasterCard information.

The next step is to confirm your MasterCard details. Details include your card’s number, expiry date, name, and the last three CVC digits at the back of your card.

4. Confirm the transaction with MasterCard SecureCode.

Enter the desired deposit amount for wagering and authorize the transaction using MasterCard SecureCode. This is a security feature that allows cardholders to create a personal code to use with online transactions. Use your code to verify your identity and confirm the deposit transaction on your sportsbooks.

When you enter a SecureCode during checkout, your betting site will verify the code with MasterCard and complete the transaction.

How to withdraw from AR sportsbooks using MasterCard

Withdrawing from an Arkansas betting app or betting site is also straightforward. But before proceeding, confirm that your betting site supports MasterCard withdrawals. Some sportsbooks don’t accept cashing out wins with the payment option.

Below are the required steps to withdraw your wins on supported betting sites in Arkansas.

1. Go to the cashier page of the AR sportsbook.

Log into your account and go to the cashier or banking page, depending on your chosen sportsbook.

2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw & select MasterCard.

Input the amount you intend to withdraw, then select MasterCard as your preferred option from the list given.

3. Fill in your MasterCard information.

Next, enter your MasterCard details, such as CVC, name number, and expiry date. Be patient, as your sportsbook and MasterCard account may take time to process the transaction.

Benefits of using MasterCard on sportsbooks in Arkansas

MasterCard is an excellent option for funding your online sports betting account due to its fantastic benefits. Below are some of its advantages.

  • Fast payments – One of the most significant benefits of using MasterCard on sportsbooks is the speed of transactions. When you deposit using MasterCard, the funds will be available in your sportsbook account almost instantly. Its speedy transactions make it an excellent option if you want to wager on live stream sports without delays. Withdrawals are also fast. They may not be instant like deposits, but they will get your MasterCard account within the shortest time possible.
  • Widely accepted – MasterCard is one of the most widely accepted credit cards in the betting industry. So, you’ll never have to worry about finding an Arkansas sportsbook that supports the payment method. Besides, according to its website, over 37 million merchants worldwide accept it. Thus, you can immediately use your winnings to purchase at millions of stores worldwide.
  • Easy to use – Another advantage of using MasterCard on sportsbooks is that it’s straightforward to use. All you need is your MasterCard number, CVC, and expiry date, and you can transact on the go. Also, depositing on MasterCard betting sites in Arkansas is easy for immediate wagering.

Drawbacks of using MasterCard on AR betting sites

There are a few drawbacks to using MasterCard to bet on Arkansas sports betting sites, which may inconvenience gamblers. Below are a few disadvantages.

  • Not universally accepted for withdrawals – Although you can use MasterCard to deposit betting cash on online sportsbooks in Arkansas, it’s not always available for withdrawals. So, the best option is to confirm with your bookie before withdrawing your wins. Alternatively, you may have to consider other methods, such as an e-wallet or bank transfer, to cash out your wins.
  • Payments sometimes get denied – MasterCard may sometimes deny payments if the card issuer identifies transactions from gambling sites. Rejected transactions usually occur because of your bank’s security measures to protect your card from fraudulent activities. This can frustrate you when you want to wager quickly on live games.

Many gamblers use MasterCard for their online transactions. However, there are other payment methods that you can use on Arkansas betting apps. Here are the most popular alternatives to MasterCard.

  • VISA sportsbooks AR – As a MasterCard alternative, VISA is among the most widely accepted payment methods for sports betting. Besides, it has several benefits, making it a reliable payment method for punters. It processes transactions quickly, making it a perfect payment method for gambling in Arkansas sportsbooks. In addition, VISA transactions are safe. Thus, you can be confident your money and personal information are secure and protected.
  • American Express sportsbooks AR – Another popular payment method for online betting is American Express (AMEX). This payment service is accepted by many sportsbooks in the state, Besides, it offers excellent customer service and fraud protection measures, making it safe for Arkansas players.
  • Discover card sportsbooks AR – Another popular alternative for MasterCard on Arkansas betting apps is the Discover card. This is because it offers a safe and secure way for transactions. Bettors can also enjoy the Discover Card cashback rewards and other perks for a better gambling experience.


Is it safe to use MasterCard on betting sites in Arkansas?

Yes. Since MasterCard is a global leader in payment processing and is renowned for secure transactions, it is safe to use it on betting sites in Arkansas. Also, Arkansas is one state that has legalized MasterCard betting sites for safe gambling. Besides, licensed Mastercard betting sites use high-level security protocols to encrypt data. Consequently, your financial and personal information will be private.

How old do you have to be to use MasterCard on AR sportsbooks?

You need to be 21 years to use any AR sportsbook. Note that you may be subject to legal penalties and fines if you bet below the required age. You will provide identity documents like your ID, passport, or driver's license to prove your age.

Is it safe to use my MasterCard on offshore sportsbooks in Arkansas?

No. MasterCard betting sites in offshore sportsbooks are not safe. One primary reason is many offshore betting sites operate without a state license and run fraudulent activities. Also, some players have complained of offshore sites stealing their information or denying withdrawals. So, avoid all offshore sportsbooks to remain safe when wagering on betting sites across Arkansas.